• Door replacement London

  • Door replacement services:

    Door replacement London

    We offer a wide range of internal doors and external doors available in various different sizes and designs perfect for your door replacement. Also, we offer different grades making your door replacement easier.  As well as supplying internal doors and boarding up we also sell door accessories that can help enhance the security to your home.  Our technician can explain the different grades to you as well as advise you on the best ways to secure your property to help prevent a burglary from ever happening again.  Furthermore, we can also paint the door to match your individual colour scheme if you don’t succeed to find your specific choice of colour.

  • Door repair and door accessories:

    Door accessories can make the world of difference when it comes to enhancing the security to your front door and can also turn a door repair into a piece of art.  Speak with us about the following products we stock and how they can help give the security to your home or office that much needed boost. Below is a list of the following door accessories:

    • BS Hinges.
    • Door viewers.
    • Security chains.
    • Night latches.
    • Five lever insurance approved locks.
    • Door reinforcement such as London and Birmingham Bars.
    • Hinge bolts.
    • Letter box and letter box protection.
  • What does it mean when a lock is up to BS3621 standards?/What is BS3621?

    Locks that meet British Standards (BS3621) go through vigorous testing and must meet a certain criteria that show they are anti-theft and attack resistant. The lock needs to be a five lever design, be able to withstand drilling and have an anti-pick mechanism in place.
    Insurance companies will usually ask that your locks meet British Standards in order to give you coverage. If you want to be sure that your lock is compliant with British Standards, look out for the kite mark which is usually engraved on the cylinder. These can be applied to both internal doors and external doors and can be easily fitted to your door replacement.